Ch19-p054 - 54(a We use Eq 19-54 with V f Vi = piVi = p f V f 1 2 for the gas(assumed to obey the ideal gas law pf pi = Vi Vf =(2.00)1.3 which

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54. (a) We use Eq. 19-54 with 1 2 / fi VV = for the gas (assumed to obey the ideal gas law). 1.3 (2.00) f i ii f f if p V pV p V γ γγ §· = ¡ == ¨¸ ©¹ which yields p f = (2.46)(1.0 atm) = 2.46 atm. (b) Similarly, Eq. 19-56 leads to () 1 273K 1.23 336K. i f V TT V = (c) We use the gas law in ratio form (see Sample Problem 19-1) and note that when p 1 = p 2 then the ratio of volumes is equal to the ratio of (absolute) temperatures. Consequently,
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