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E q d x = + F H G G I K J J 2 1 0 2 2 32 π ε α c h . (b) The graph of E = E x versus is shown below. For the purposes of graphing, we set d = 1 m and q = 5.56 × 10 –11 C. (c) From the graph, we estimate E max occurs at about = 0.71. More accurate computation shows that the maximum occurs at = 12 . (d) The graph suggests that half-height points occur at 0.2 and 2.0. Further numerical exploration leads to the values: = 0.2047 and = 1.9864. 84. Let q 1 denote the charge at y = d and q 2 denote the charge at y = – d . The individual magnitudes G E 1 and G E 2 are figured from Eq. 22-3, where the absolute value signs for q are unnecessary since these charges are both positive. The distance from
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