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Walp 1 Elyse Walp Professor Fernando English 130 Section 4 April 4, 2008 Essay 2 Just as people are able to adapt to a specific environment, people’s music adapts to the environment they are in. A single area considered by geographical terms can be split up and divided into many concentric areas when the culture of people residing there is analyzed. Distinct areas of culture can intertwine, parallel each other, overlap, or even be set within each other like bubbles. Within the musical genre of American Hip Hop, there are many so-called ‘sub-environments’. The Bay Area of California is home to one such environment, the Hyphy Movement. Within the geographical constraints of the Bay Area, and therefore within the Hyphy Movement, there are pockets, or bubbles, of cultural identification that follow a more reserved entertainment circuit. Every culture has a unique means of expression. The Hyphy Movement is the Bay Area’s specific adaptation of Hip Hop’s expressive qualities. Hip Hop in general is very much a foreign language to me. I have no point of reference when listening, no understanding of the genre at all. Growing up, I just always listened to what my parents were listening to. I was a Caucasian kid growing up with very square parents in the suburbs; there was not much of any modern music being listened to in our household. In her Volvo wagon, my mother had complete control of the radio at all times and she listened to the oldies. To her they were the songs she grew up with and enjoyed as a teenager and to me they were the only music I knew. Perry Como, Barbara Streisand, and Neil Diamond were the voices that serenaded me through my childhood, singing me to school each morning and back home
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Walp 2 each afternoon. Once we were at home we listened to National Public Radio, NPR, and if the TV happened to be on it was locked onto the Public Broadcasting Service, PBS. My dad teaches music as a band director, so if I happened to be in the car with him we would be listening to the sample marches and concert pieces that he would get from companies or maybe the local classical station. Fortunately, my Dad does have a passion for really good rock, both classic and modern, and an adventurous side that is willing to explore different genres. This was lucky for me because it meant that once I got older I was able to listen to slightly more mainstream and current music; but again, only when I was with him. Before that leap into mainstream, Liane Hanson’s Weekend Edition, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow, and Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion graced my entertainment circuit. It is not a stretch
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essay #2 - Walp 1 Elyse Walp Professor Fernando English 130...

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