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49. We assume there is charge q on one plate and charge – q on the other. The electric field in the lower half of the region between the plates is E q A 1 10 = κε , where A is the plate area. The electric field in the upper half is E q A 2 20 = . Let d /2 be the thickness of each dielectric. Since the field is uniform in each region, the potential difference between the plates is V Ed qd A qd A =+= + L N M O Q P = + 12 01 2 0 22 2 11 2 εκ κ ε κκ , so C q V A d == + 2 2 This expression is exactly the same as that for C eq of two capacitors in series, one with dielectric constant 1 and the other with dielectric constant 2 . Each has plate area
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