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33. (a) We reduce the parallel pair of identical 2.0 resistors (on the right side) to R' = 1.0 , and we reduce the series pair of identical 2.0 resistors (on the upper left side) to R'' = 4.0 . With R denoting the 2.0 resistor at the bottom (between V 2 and V 1 ), we now have three resistors in series which are equivalent to 7.0 RR R ′′ + += across which the voltage is 7.0 V (by the loop rule, this is 12 V – 5.0 V), implying that the current is 1.0 A (clockwise). Thus, the voltage across R' is (1.0 A)(1.0 ) = 1.0 V, which means that (examining the right side of the circuit) the voltage difference between
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