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(d) The direction of i 2 is clearly downward. (e) Using our conclusion from part (a) in Eq. 27-17, we have P = i 1 ε 1 = (4.0 A)(16 V) = 64 W. (f) Using results from part (a) in Eq. 27-17, we obtain P = i' 2 = (2.0 A)(8.0 V) = 16 W. (g) Energy is being supplied in battery 1. (h) Energy is being absorbed in battery 2. 105. (a) The six resistors to the left of 1 = 16 V battery can be reduced to a single resistor R = 8.0 , through which the current must be i R = 1 / R = 2.0 A. Now, by the loop rule, the current through the 3.0 and 1.0 resistors at the upper right corner is
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