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29. (a) If v is the speed of the positron then v sin φ is the component of its velocity in the plane that is perpendicular to the magnetic field. Here is the angle between the velocity and the field (89°). Newton’s second law yields eBv sin = m e ( v sin ) 2 / r , where r is the radius of the orbit. Thus r = ( m e v / eB ) sin . The period is given by ( ) () 31 10 19 29 . 1 1 1 0k g 2 2 3.58 10 s. sin 1.60 10 C 0.100T e m r T ve B π× π π == = = × × The equation for r is substituted to obtain the second expression for T . (b) The pitch is the distance traveled along the line of the magnetic field in a time interval
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