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current: out of the page . With wire 3 infinitely far away, the force per unit length is given (in magnitude) as 6.27 × 10 7 N/m. We set this equal to 12 0 1 2 /2 Fi i d µ π = . When wire 3 is at x = 0.04 m the curve passes through the zero point previously mentioned, so the force between 2 and 3 must equal F 12 there. This allows us to solve for the distance between wire 1 and wire 2: d = (0.04 m)(0.750 A)/(0.250 A) = 0.12 m. Then we solve 6.27 × 10 7 N/m= µ o i 1 i 2 /2 π d and obtain i 2 = 0.50 A. (b) The direction of i 2 is out of the page. 40. (a) The fact that the curve in Fig. 29-65(b) passes through zero implies that the
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