Ch29-p089 - 89 We imagine the square loop in the yz plane(with its center at the origin and the evaluation point for the field being along the x

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Only the x components of the fields (contributed by each side) will contribute to the final result (other components cancel in pairs), so a trigonometric factor of a R a ax 2 4 22 = + multiplies the expression of the field given by the result of Problem 29-17 (for each side of length L = a ). Since there are four sides, we find Bx i R a aR a ia a a x bg b g e j b g = F H G I K J + F H G I K J + F H G I K J = ++ + 4 2 44 4 24 4 2 4 0 0 2 2 2 2 2 µµ π π 1 2 which simplifies to the desired result. It is straightforward to set x = 0 and see that this reduces to the expression found in Problem 29-87 (noting that
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