ch30-p033 - 33. (a) Eq. 30-8 leads to = BLv = (1.2 T)(0.10...

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33. (a) Eq. 30-8 leads to (1.2T)(0.10 m)(5.0 m/s) 0.60 V . BLv ε == = (b) By Lenz’s law, the induced emf is clockwise. In the rod itself, we would say the emf is directed up the page. (c) By Ohm’s law, the induced current is i = 0.60 V/0.40 = 1.5 A. (d) The direction is clockwise. (e) Eq. 27-22 leads to P = i 2 R = 0.90 W. (f) From Eq. 29-2, we find that the force on the rod associated with the uniform magnetic field is directed rightward and has magnitude Fi
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