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43. We refer to the (very large) wire length as A and seek to compute the flux per meter: Φ B /. A Using the right-hand rule discussed in Chapter 29, we see that the net field in the region between the axes of antiparallel currents is the addition of the magnitudes of their individual fields, as given by Eq. 29-17 and Eq. 29-20. There is an evident reflection symmetry in the problem, where the plane of symmetry is midway between the two wires (at x = d /2); the net field at any point 0 < x < d /2 is the same at its “mirror image” point d – x . The central axis of one of the wires passes through the origin, and that of the other passes through x = d . We make use of the symmetry by integrating over 0 < x < d /2 and then multiplying by 2: () /2 00 22 2 da d B a B dA B dx B dx Φ= = + ∫∫ AA where d = 0.0025 m is the diameter of each wire. We will use
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