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The magnetic force −× ev B G G must point toward the center of the circular path. If the magnetic field is directed out of the page (defined to be +z direction), the electron will travel counterclockwise around the circle. Since the electron is negative, the current is in the opposite direction, clockwise and, by the right-hand rule for dipole moments, the dipole moment is into the page, or in the – z direction. That is, the dipole moment is directed opposite to the magnetic field vector. (b) We note that the charge canceled in the derivation of µ = K e / B . Thus, the relation = K i / B holds for a positive ion. (c) The direction of the dipole moment is – z , opposite to the magnetic field. (d) The magnetization is given by M = e n e + i n i , where e is the dipole moment of an electron, n e is the electron concentration, i is the dipole moment of an ion, and
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