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(b) If Φ is the magnetic flux through the secondary coil, then the magnitude of the emf induced in that coil is ε = N ( d Φ / dt ) and the current in the secondary is i s = / R , where R is the resistance of the coil. Thus, i N R d dt s = F H G I K J Φ . The charge that passes through the secondary when the primary current is turned on is 0 . s Nd N N q i dt dt d R dt R R Φ Φ Φ == = Φ = ∫∫ The magnetic field through the secondary coil has magnitude B = B 0 + B M = 801 B 0 , where B M is the field of the magnetic dipoles in the magnetic material. The total field is perpendicular to the plane of the secondary coil, so the magnetic flux is Φ = AB , where A is the area of the Rowland ring (the field is inside the ring, not in the region between the ring and coil). If r is the radius of the ring’s cross section, then A =
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