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direction of the previous sheet. The transmitted radiation is polarized, with its direction of polarization making an angle of 90° with the direction of polarization of the incident radiation. The intensity is 2 0 cos (90 / ) n I In . We want the smallest integer value of n for which this is greater than 0.60 I 0 . We start with n = 2 and calculate 2 cos (90 / ) n n ° . If the result is greater than 0.60, we have obtained the solution. If it is less, increase n by 1 and try again. We repeat this process, increasing n by 1 each time, until we have a value for which 2 cos (90 / ) n n ° is greater than 0.60. The first one will be n = 5. 43. (a) The rotation cannot be done with a single sheet. If a sheet is placed with its polarizing direction at an angle of 90° to the direction of polarization of the incident radiation, no radiation is transmitted. It can be done with two sheets. We place the first
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