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48. (a) For the angles of incidence and refraction to be equal, the graph in Fig. 33-50(b) would consist of a “ y = x ” line at 45º in the plot. Instead, the curve for material 1 falls under such a “ y = x ” line, which tells us that all refraction angles are less than incident ones. With θ 2 < 1 Snell’s law implies n 2 > n 1 . (b) Using the same argument as in (a), the value of
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Unformatted text preview: n 2 for material 2 is also greater than that of water ( n 1 ). (c) It’s easiest to examine the topmost point of each curve. With 2 = 90º and 1 = ½(90º), and with n 2 = 1.33 (Table 33-1) we find n 1 = 1.9 from Snell’s law. (d) Similarly, with 2 = 90º and 1 = ¾(90º), we obtain n 1 = 1.4....
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