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26. (a) We note that, just as in the usual discussion of the double slit pattern, the x = 0 point on the screen (where that vertical line of length D in the picture intersects the screen) is a bright spot with phase difference equal to zero (it would be the middle fringe in the usual double slit pattern). We are not considering x < 0 values here, so that negative phase differences are not relevant (and if we did wish to consider x < 0 values, we could limit our discussion to absolute values of the phase difference, so that – again – negative phase differences do not enter it). Thus, the x = 0 point is the one with the minimum phase difference. (b) As noted in part (a), the phase difference φ = 0 at x = 0. (c) The path length difference is greatest at the rightmost “edge” of the screen (which is
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