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84. When the depth of the liquid ( L liq ) is zero, the phase difference φ is 60 wavelengths; this must equal the difference between the number of wavelengths in length L = 40 μm (since the liquid initially fills the hole) of the plastic (for ray r 1 ) and the number in that same length of the air (for ray r 2 ). That is, plastic air 60 Ln Ln λλ = . (a) Since
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Unformatted text preview: λ = 400 × 10 − 9 m and n air = 1 (to good approximation), we find n plastic = 1.6. (b) The slope of the graph can be used to determine n liq , but we show an approach more closely based on the above equation: plastic liq 20 Ln Ln − = which makes use of the leftmost point of the graph. This readily yields n liq = 1.4....
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