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(b) From our discussion in part (b), we expect a minimum to be reached at each value x = 750 nm + n (1500 nm), where n = 1, 2, 3 … . For instance, for n = 1 we would find the minimum at x = 2250 nm. (c) With λ = 1500 nm (found in part (a)), we can express x = 1200 nm as x = 1200/1500 = 0.80 wavelength. 97. (a) Looking at the figure (where a portion of a periodic pattern is shown) we see that
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Unformatted text preview: half of the periodic pattern is of length L = 750 nm (judging from the maximum at x = 0 to the minimum at x = 750 nm); this suggests that the wavelength (the full length of the periodic pattern) is = 2 L = 1500 nm. A maximum should be reached again at x = 1500 nm (and at x = 3000nm, x = 4500 nm, )....
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