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Unformatted text preview: 103. Let the position of the mirror measured from the point at which d1 = d2 be x. We assume the beam-splitting mechanism is such that the two waves interfere constructively for x = 0 (with some beam-splitters, this would not be the case). We can adapt Eq. 35-23 to this situation by incorporating a factor of 2 (since the interferometer utilizes directly reflected light in contrast to the double-slit experiment) and eliminating the sin θ factor. Thus, the phase difference between the two light paths is ∆φ = 2(2πx/λ) = 4πx/λ. Then from Eq. 35-22 (writing 4I0 as Im) we find I = I m cos2 FG ∆φ IJ = I H2K m cos2 FG 2πx IJ . HλK ...
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