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113. (a) We are dealing with a symmetric situation (with the film index n 2 = 1.5 being less than that of the materials bounding it), and with reflected light, so Eqs. 35-36 and -37 apply with their stated applicability. Both can be written in the form 2 n 2 L λ = { half-integer for bright integer for dark Thus, we find 2 n 2 L / λ = 3, so that we find the middle of a dark band at the left edge of the figure. Since there is nothing beyond this "middle" then a more appropriate phrasing is
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Unformatted text preview: that there is half of a dark band next to the left edge, being darkest precisely at the edge. (b) The right edge, where they touch, satisfies the dark reflection condition for L = 0 (where m = 0), so there is (essentially half of) a dark band at the right end. (c) Counting half-bands and whole bands alike, we find four dark bands: ( m = 0, 1, 2, 3)....
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