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Test 1 Study Guide - GOV 312L Study Guide People What did...

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February 12, 2008 GOV 312L Study Guide People: What did they do and why are they important? Hernando Cortez – defeated the Aztecs in the Central Valley of Mexico, occupied their principal city, and confiscated their rich supplies of silver and gold; Renamed Aztec capital Mexico City. Cabeza de Vaca – A member of the Narvaez expedition that failed resulting in survivors becoming servants to natives. He and his three companions were able to escape and became the first Europeans to spend a significant amount of time in Texas. Coronado – governor of the province of Nueva Galicia was assigned to penetrate the mysterious north country; thought he found the seven cities of Cibola, but instead found pueblo dwellings of hostile Indians; did not find any precious metals. Hernando De Soto – he and 600 men explored the region north of the Gulf of Mexico and didn’t find anything valuable either; after his death, his expedition was handed off to Moscoso de Alvarado who explored TX. Coronado and De Soto’s explorations strengthened Spain’s claim to the land but delayed Spanish activity in TX. Sieur de la Salle – wound his way down the Mississippi, claiming the entire Mississippi watershed in the name of France. La Salle tries to return to Mississippi river but ends up in Matagorda, TX and establishes St. Louis. Marquis de San Miguel de Aguayo – citizen of Coahuila who offers to drive the French out of Texas at his own expense; reestablished all the abandoned missions in East TX; makes Los Adaes the capital of the province of TX. Jose de Escandón – one of the most successful colonizers of Spanish claims: put 6000 people in 23 settlements; founded Laredo, Dolores, and Goliad to name a few. Moses Austin – brought 300 families from Missouri to settle a colony in TX; died after his return to MO leaving Stephen Austin to finish his work. Napoleon Bonaparte – French military leader who forced Spain to give Louisiana back to France, the original owners; put his brother as king after he invaded Spain which caused a lot of issues regarding rightful heir to the thrown. The creoles and the peninsulars – the creoles were pure blooded Spaniards born in America and were rivals to the peninsulars who were pure blooded Spaniards born in Spain. The peninsulars had more power in political structures than the creoles. Francisco Hidalgo – a priest who spent most of his time in San Juan Bautista hoping to return to TX; got the French (Cadillac) to help him with missionary work and trade in East TX; got permission from MX government to return to TX Gen. Joaquin de Arredondo – tried to purge TX of all the Anglo-Americans and those disloyal to Spain; rebels were shot and their wifes/kids forced to work for the loyalists. Philip Nolan
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Test 1 Study Guide - GOV 312L Study Guide People What did...

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