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(d) The next one can be found to be α = 4.493 rad. (e) For = 4.4934, m = 0.930. (f) The next one can be found to be = 7.725 rad. (g) For = 7.7252, m = 1.96. 15. (a) The intensity for a single-slit diffraction pattern is given by II m = sin 2 2 where is described in the text (see Eq. 36-6). To locate the extrema, we set the derivative of I with respect to equal to zero and solve for . The derivative is dI d I m αα =− 2 3 cos sin . bg The derivative vanishes if 0 but sin = 0. This yields = m π , where m is a nonzero integer. These are the intensity minima: I = 0 for = m π . The derivative also vanishes for cos – sin = 0. This condition can be written tan = . These implicitly locate the
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