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Unformatted text preview: 82. Although the angles in this problem are not particularly big (so that the small angle approximation could be used with little error), we show the solution appropriate for large as well as small angles (that is, we do not use the small angle approximation here). Eq. 36-3 gives mλ = a sinθ ⇒ θ = sin–1(mλ/a) = sin–1[2(0.42 µm)/(5.1 µm)] = 9.48°. The geometry of Figure 35-10(a) is a useful reference (even though it shows a double slit instead of the single slit that we are concerned with here). We see in that figure the relation between y, D and θ: y = D tan θ = (3.2 m) tan(9.48°) = 0.534 m . ...
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