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93. We imagine dividing the original slit into N strips and represent the light from each strip, when it reaches the screen, by a phasor. Then, at the central maximum in the diffraction pattern, we would add the N phasors, all in the same direction and each with the same amplitude. We would find that the intensity there is proportional to N 2 . If we double the slit width, we need 2 N phasors if they are each to have the amplitude of the phasors we used for the narrow slit. The intensity at the central maximum is proportional
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Unformatted text preview: to (2 N ) 2 and is, therefore, four times the intensity for the narrow slit. The energy reaching the screen per unit time, however, is only twice the energy reaching it per unit time when the narrow slit is in place. The energy is simply redistributed. For example, the central peak is now half as wide and the integral of the intensity over the peak is only twice the analogous integral for the narrow slit....
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