ch36-p104 - 104. For λ = 0.10 nm, we have scattering for...

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Unformatted text preview: 104. For λ = 0.10 nm, we have scattering for order m, and for λ' = 0.075 nm, we have scattering for order m'. From Eq. 36-34, we see that we must require mλ = m' λ ' which suggests (looking for the smallest integer solutions) that m = 3 and m' = 4. Returning with this result and with d = 0.25 nm to Eq. 36-34, we obtain θ = sin −1 mλ = 37° . 2d Studying Figure 36-30, we conclude that the angle between incident and scattered beams is 180° – 2θ = 106°. ...
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