ch36-p108 - 108. We refer (somewhat sloppily) to the 400 nm...

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Unformatted text preview: 108. We refer (somewhat sloppily) to the 400 nm wavelength as “blue” and the 700 nm wavelength as “red.” Consider Eq. 36-25 (mλ = d sinθ), for the 3rd order blue, and also for the 2nd order red: (3) λblue = 1200 nm = d sin(θblue) (2) λred = 1400 nm = d sin(θred) . Since sine is an increasing function of angle (in the first quadrant) then the above set of values make clear that θred (second order) > θblue (third order) which shows that the spectrums overlap (regardless of the value of d). ...
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