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6. Due to the time-dilation effect, the time between initial and final ages for the daughter is longer than the four years experienced by her father: t f daughter t i daughter = γ (4.000 y) where γ is Lorentz factor (Eq. 37-8). Letting T denote the age of the father, then the conditions of the problem require
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Unformatted text preview: T i = t i daughter + 20.00 y , T f = t f daughter – 20.00 y . Since T f − T i = 4.000 y, then these three equations combine to give a single condition from which γ can be determined (and consequently v ): 44 = 4 γ ⇒ γ = 11 ⇒ β = 2 30 11 = 0.9959....
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