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Unformatted text preview: 61. (a) The spatial separation between the two bursts is vt. We project this length onto the direction perpendicular to the light rays headed to Earth and obtain Dapp = vt sin θ. (b) Burst 1 is emitted a time t ahead of burst 2. Also, burst 1 has to travel an extra distance L more than burst 2 before reaching the Earth, where L = vt cos θ (see Fig. 3730); this requires an additional time t' = L/c. Thus, the apparent time is given by Tapp = t − t ′ = t − LM FG IJ N HK OP Q vt cosθ v = t 1− cosθ . c c (c) We obtain Vapp = Dapp Tapp = LM (v / c) sinθ OPc = LM (0.980) sin 30.0° OPc = 3.24 c. N1 − (v / c) cosθ Q N1 − (0.980) cos30.0° Q ...
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