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On-Line Homework Instructions for Physics 111-112-113 Homework will be submitted and graded via the online software package WebAssign. ACCESSING WEBASSIGN: To log into WebAssign, open Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or Mozilla Firefox (Some other browsers may have difficulty), and go to the WebAssign login page ( https://www.webassign.net/osu/student.html ) (The WebAssign login page at https://www.webassign.net/login.html will get you to the site above as well, but the osu login site should be your primary site.) At login: Enter your Ohio State username.# and password. Username.# (for example, einstein.19 ). Enter your name exactly as you enter it when you log into webmail at osu.edu Password: Your OSU password, the same password you use for REGISTERING FOR COURSES at OSU. The first time you log into WebAssign at OSU, the system will check your course schedule and will add you to the WebAssign roster if it finds you are registered for the physics course. Your password is not sent to WebAssign and thus your security is preserved. The OSU authentication system simply verifies to WebAssign that you are the person with the name.# that you entered. Contact Dr. Bolland in the Physics Department, (the WebAssign Administrator listed at the end of this document,) if you encounter difficulties when you try to log into WebAssign or have any other technical issues. Please contact Dr. Bolland ONLY if you believe there is a problem with WebAssign itself. Consult your recitation instructor or lecturer for help with the homework. You may use WebAssign without a registration code for a short grace period, but you will need to get a registration code,
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This note was uploaded on 06/03/2011 for the course PHY 111 taught by Professor Bolland during the Fall '10 term at Ohio State.

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homework - On-Line Homework Instructions for Physics...

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