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finalcover - • We provide a sheet oF scratch paper at the...

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Physics 112 Final (XX:30 a.m., XX June 2011) Prof. John Beacom – Spring 2011 Your Name: Rec. Instructor: You have one hour and 48 minutes for this final exam, and not more or less. The exam is in your assigned room at the assigned time see the syllabus . The assigned room is likely your recitation room, but some sections had to be moved due to a building being torn down. Note that the assigned time may be di ff erent than your recitation time. Don’t show up an hour late! Write your name and that of your recitation instructor on every sheet. After the first page, family name for each is enough. This exam is closed book, closed notes, and closed homework. No materials allowed. You may use a calculator. No cell phones may be used for any purpose, including as a clock. We provide an equation sheet at the end. It’s ok to tear it o
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Unformatted text preview: • We provide a sheet oF scratch paper at the end. You cannot use your own, but the recitation instructor will provide more iF you need it. This blank sheet may be torn of and discarded aFter the exam. • All 35 multiple-choice problems are worth 5 points each, For a total oF 175 points. You MUST put the correct letter in the space provided to obtain credit. IF your writing is ambiguous, it will be marked as incorrect. No partial credit is given For multiple-choice problems. • There are no show-work problems. • GENERAL ADVICE: Note the wording oF the problems CARE±ULLY , draw pictures, and check your work at the end. Also, don’t Forget to breathe! You can do these problems. 1...
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