H133_quiz5_key - Name Physics H133(Spring 2011 Quiz#5 Full...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: Physics H133 (Spring, 2011): Quiz #5 Full credit : 10 points Possibly useful equations: 2 1;:Af is?” w:27rf Azfi E:h,f:hw=% thf—W 7’12 (121/51; Lzzm, (1—1)n...,—m Sz=sh,(s-1)h~-v—Sh ‘% d1‘2 + meme) 2 Ewe) 1. (2 pts.) Consider a quanton with potential energy as shown in the graph below. The wavefunction shown is supposed to be the eigenfunction corresponding to the girth— lowest energy eigenvalue. What (if anything) is wrong with this eigenfunction as drawn? Explain why it is wrong. ii \8 Mi mac-molmolam ; 6 Damage N \r~f§‘v{fY‘®<:l:w 0W5 n8? 030 “i0 ’1qu as ><=vioofib 36 “Wt me’aahtu 6i hail M M r X @9100 sorrth Unmet moxie l v E‘Wl ON)”; (30¢ g hound l I x: S oi‘b Nofihrfit torreeTluA‘} t , . . - r i ~ ‘~ {L ’V gov “mg N Wald-mm , gm: \Ile) \L 4Q: i6? 0 wréttj exile 03km. ‘3‘me “W l Wight llo i0 “0‘ E 2. (3 pts.) Test whether : Csin 1m, with C and )6 real constants, is a solution to the Schrodinger equation for wa < :5 < a in the potential pictured. [Notez V(I) : 0 at the bottom of the well] If it is7 find k in terms of E> W], a, 7i, and m. Energy 1‘3 gist a sale {to 53 {mm «AW r \ ‘2 1 W WX) figs“ ‘3 liar ah «am. a \g / 1 _\ Weir, m V001 0 ' m in asdfagé an}. E r/ I / in ‘ \ r /— A RY l? we“) V, osm m firm a; , tug; / 0&8 We 7 ’QCgm lax , ‘3 l? —a +a x ‘30 h i l ‘T r ‘\, a. O 1 Q c. “L: Rb so m an. so‘d Q . 1 k: ,. Y , /‘ n 6C (vakx ' CD 1 whom is 13m 3;“ «MYSO ‘\ x; t“: smelt?- sc Kcigm fit as in «‘2 Sign shim) 3. (2 pts.) Consider Mg which has 12 electrons. Assume that we somehow excite an electron from the outer shell (38) to one of the states listed below. Which of these states (if any) would be metastable? (Circle one and explain your response!) 5f(l4) 100) m2) (a) 3p 6p(6) (b) 3d 4f(l4) Loo) L” (c) 4s _5P(6) d 4p w 351 ( ) . me (e) There is no metastable 3d [0 —— 1 I 43(2) state for this case _ ~ ., 3p(6) A, t a 1‘, f... ‘ 1 \,\ r ’ A — Nib r} l be (My wrath) My” 93% 75 _W) 1 J i , _; - NW 2 <6) Om New} (is to medugul) J0}? W“ ' -p—- g. wng ’i'mosWa. - 1- - r k v‘\ ‘ ‘ w r‘"Y|‘~ i ’i g: -‘ \l}\)\ “\er 'Jlm‘k‘: \imeO'ffll W“ my 3A. x J ‘0 W 0m C32) “is “is ref-q if: \W WW3 Sui“ is is 4. (3 pts.) Sketch the energy eigenfunction corresponding to the fourth—lowest bound— state energy for a quanton whose potential energy V(3:) is shown by the graph below. Explain all distinctive features of your sketch! Indicate on your graph the region where the quanton is most likely to be found. Is it possible to find it at x > a? ‘ i i l: x > y} . I“) 3 \§ Energy T: \s mgsT tme 753 a twhi Lobe re lip/W} . fl I , ti ll ‘ \5 law; 1fo :0 (la Jilin mp5 a Walk A ' / i 4 D i N) R ,t "V ft is we“ ‘10 ml at at. may wwi A +3 "V: ton-furs me x l \ . CV; \ 1 ll k ‘ T A I ,, Sheri?“ NUMUQcyb ‘\ limpng W14 H; d; ...
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This note was uploaded on 06/03/2011 for the course H 133 taught by Professor Furnstahl during the Spring '11 term at Ohio State.

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H133_quiz5_key - Name Physics H133(Spring 2011 Quiz#5 Full...

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