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Stuff for Tuesday, March 29, 2011 If you didn’t get your picture taken yesterday, see me up front. We meet tomorrow in Smith 1094 for the studio session (Q1/Q2). Come at 2:30pm if you are able to, otherwise 3:30pm. New handout: Dimensional analysis. (Also 3 old handouts.) Tentative evening midterm date: Tuesday, May 3. Conflicts? Erratum: Wave equation 1 v 2 d 2 f dt 2 = d 2 f dx 2 was incorrect on board
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Unformatted text preview: Recap of important Q1 concepts: linear wave equation → superposition reflection at fixed end → inverted; at free end → upright Fourier theorem: decompose general wave function uniquely into sum of sinusoidal waves (normal modes) resonance: energy absorbed at normal-mode frequencies Reference: sin ( A ± B ) = sin A cos B ± cos A sin B...
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