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Stuff for Friday, April 1, 2011 Stop at 4:05pm for closed-book Quiz 1 (on Q1 and Q2) Are you checking the course web page? E.g., new assignments, solutions for 1094, PS#1, etc. Any questions on PS#2? Photoelectric effect on Monday. Preview with applet. Two-slit interference with slit separation d d sin θ n c = n λ = θ n c = sin - 1 n λ d n λ d ( constructive ) Diffraction: waves spread when passing through “slit” of width
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Unformatted text preview: a a sin n d = n = n d = sin-1 n a n a ( destructive) Fourier transform coefcients A n for square wave: f ( x ) = -A for-L / 2 x < A for 0 x < L / 2 f ( x ) = X n = 1 A n sin 2 nx L = A m = Z L / 2-L / 2 sin 2 mx L f ( x ) = ( if m even A 4 1 n if m odd...
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