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Unformatted text preview: Stuff for Tuesday, April 5, 2011 Warm-up: A flute and a clarinet are about the same length but the clarinet plays lower notes. Why? (Also see Quiz 2 will be on Thursday covering Q3 and Q4. We meet tomorrow in Smith 1094 for the studio session (Q1/Q2). Come at 2:30pm if you are able to, otherwise 3:30pm. Photoelectric effect summary points photon model: E = hf = hc /λ with hc ≈ 1240 eV · nm electron maximum kinetic energy when ejected Kmax = hf − W = hc /λ − W = e · Vf W is the “work function” =⇒ least energy cost to free e− Formulas for Quiz 2 (i.e., these will be given): v = λf λ= h p 2π ω = 2π f d sin θnc = nλ a sin θnd = nλ λ hc hc 1240 eV·nm λ= p E = hf = = K = hf −W λ λ 2(mc 2 )K k= ...
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