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Stuff for Friday, April 8, 2011 PS#2 returned up front; quiz #2 back Monday Handout: Basics of Complex Numbers (I) PhET applet caution: The wave interference applets show the “near-field limit” rather than the “far-field limit”, which is where the approximations leading to d sin θ = n λ are valid. = So we can’t use those ones quantitatively . Davisson-Germer: wave interference from each electron, not interference from separate electrons bouncing off of different atoms and interfering with each other.
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Unformatted text preview: Quantons! Quantum Wave Interference: If we do a two-slit experiment one particle at a time, the interference pattern builds up statistically . If you try to detect which slit, pattern destroyed! Quantum Bound States: Advance preview of wave functions. They are complex in general! (Try tunneling!) Stern-Gerlach Experiment: Q5 spin experiments (simpler quantum mechanical example). Try Figure Q5.5 examples....
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