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Announcements for Monday, April 11, 2011 Handouts: complex numbers pretest, SG device worksheet Fill out pretest now! (not graded, but put your name on) Quiz 2 returned up front. Class average: 8.2. Main issue: final voltage is not determined by electron rate. Problem set #4 due up front. PS#3 returned (maybe). Q6 tomorrow: we’ll go through online lecture notes. Wednesday in Sm1094. Quiz 3 will be on Friday this week. Warm-up two-minute problems:
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Unformatted text preview: Q5T.1: I do a), b), c); you do e), g), h), i), j) Q5T.2 (preliminary look before homework) Complex number warm-up (fill in the blanks): Start with e i θ · e i φ = e i ( θ + φ ) and apply e i α = cos α + i sin α ( cos θ + i sin θ )( cos φ + i sin φ ) = cos ( θ + φ ) + i sin ( θ + φ ) Equate real and imaginary parts separately : cos ( θ + φ ) = sin ( θ + φ ) =...
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