news_052311 - 1 )!( U /ε )! U = P 3 N i n i ε U = 3 Nk B...

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Stuff for Monday, May 23, 2011 PS #15 due up front. PS #16–#18 problems posted on web page. Quiz #7 returned. Class average: 9.5 (new record!) Schedule for last two weeks (final on Thursday of finals week): 1094 session each Wednesday and quiz each Friday PS #17 due Tuesday (Monday holiday) T4, T5, and T6 stuff: macrostate specified by macroscopic variables (e.g., 3 of P , V , N , T for ideal gas) microstate specified by quantum state of every molecule multiplicity Ω is number of microstates with same macrostate (e.g., same U , N ) macropartition table given Ω( U , N ) uses U = U A + U B = constant; Ω AB = Ω A × Ω B fundamental assumption: each accessible microstate is equally probable = relative probabilities of macropartitions equals ratio of (total) multiplicities Einstein solid with oscillator energy ε = ~ ω : Ω( N , U ) = ( 3 N + U - 1 )! ( 3 N -
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Unformatted text preview: 1 )!( U /ε )! U = P 3 N i n i ε U = 3 Nk B T Entropy S = k b ln Ω , so Ω = e S / k b ; for systems A and B , S AB = S A + S B ∂ S /∂ U = 1 / T defines temperature (hold other variables fixed) Events this week Physics Picnic on Thursday, 11am–1pm. Free food! You are all invited! Pre-quiz blood-letting on Friday: BE A H O LIDA Y H ERO BL O OD DRIV E ENSURE BL O OD IS A V AIL ABL E T O PA TIENTS IN NE ED T HIS M E M ORIA L DA Y W E E K END OSU D e partm e nt of Phy s i c s Atrium Friday , May 27 10 A M - 4 PM To s c h e dul e an appointm e nt c all 1-800-RED CROSS or vi s it www . r e d c ro ss blood . org s pon s or c od e bu c k e y e s . C O M E T O DONA T E AND ENT ER T O WIN A $25 GIF T C ARD T O SUBW A Y!...
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news_052311 - 1 )!( U /ε )! U = P 3 N i n i ε U = 3 Nk B...

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