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India - Different ethnic groups Begins the North/South...

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India #2 in world population- expected to overtake China in the future Intro and Background Bollywood=huge market Improbable democracy- wealth, literacy, mostly urban setting, and national unity expected in democracies India has none of these, but still has a democracy Religion, language, and cultural unity are non-existent ¼ of the population lives on less than a dollar a day Population mainly depends on agriculture= not urban Population is illiterate but can still vote with great confidence- very politically educated Caste system is very uncharacteristic of a democracy History Migration of Indo-Aryans from Persia over 3000 years ago Moved into Northern India Pushed people already in the country (Dravidians) to the south
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Unformatted text preview: Different ethnic groups Begins the North/South division and distinction Hinduism is born out of the combination of the Persian and Dravidian cultures Hinduism is a dominant system of rules happily for 2000 years Polytheism, Reincarnation, and the caste system are believes of Hinduism Buddhism appears in the 6 th c. B.C. Wanted to unify the country Based on ideas of benevolence and peace Spreads to China and beyond through the silk trade Becomes more important outside of India while Hinduism stays the dominant state religion (80% of population practices Hinduism today) Islam- 8 th c. – Brought by people coming to conquer and attain an empire by not so peaceful means (Mughals)...
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