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india4 - Doesn’t become Prime Minister to avoid upsetting...

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Led to violence and ethnic cleansing—this killed Ghandi Ghandi warned about division and opposed it 20 th century dynasty Nehru- 1947-64- died a natural death in office – 1 st Prime Minister Death odd in middle of all the killing-seen as an achievement Indira Gandhi- 1966-77 1979-1984 Nehru’s daughter Not related to main Gandhi Harsh policies 1 st woman Prime Minister Indian National Congress (party) Murdered in 1984 by a sheik members of her security detail after she ordered a temple bombed and martial law was placed on sheik regions Rajiv Gandhi – 1984-89 Son of Indira Killed by suicide bomb in 1991 (woman with bomb strapped to stomach looked pregnant) Not peaceful- different policies than mom, but still not good ones New Part control for some years until… Sonia Ghandi- became INC leader in 2004 Widow of Rajiv Not born in India – originally Italian
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Unformatted text preview: Doesn’t become Prime Minister to avoid upsetting population Gives position to Manmohan Singh 1 st sheik in high office Current prime minister Dynasty in Action Nehru- social democracy, reaching across divisions of region, caste, religion. – Government should take care of the people- left wing in his beliefs, wanted a united society Indira Gandhi- authoritarian, Right wing, populism, emergency rule (suspends constitution and gets to do what she wants) in 1975, martial law in Punjab in 1984, centralization Punjab wants out and to be independent- she says “you aren’t going anywhere” Rajiv Gandhi- centralization, liberal market economy- measures different than mom and grandfather- not accommodating to minorities which leads to his demise and eventually his death...
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  • Spring '11
  • Kovacs
  • Indian National Congress, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi- centralization, Indira Gandhi- authoritarian, Sonia Ghandi

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india4 - Doesn’t become Prime Minister to avoid upsetting...

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