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Marcus Hughes 29 November 2009 Music Therapy Intervention My Definition of Music Therapy : Music therapy is a way to use the power and effect of music to help people to improve their situation or to prevent their situation from getting worse. It is the use of music as a tool to accomplish non-musical goals. Music therapy can be used on any variety of needs, problems, disabilities, diseases, etc. It could be mental, physical, cognitive, social, or emotional. Music therapy can also be used on any age group, gender, race, ethnicity, or religious belief. Also, music therapy is highly individualistic and is not generic. It should be unique and different for each patient, and should involve some sort of pre-assessment of their needs, abilities, disabilities, and most of all their musical preferences and abilities.
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Unformatted text preview: Music its self is a very powerful force that can have biological affects on the human body as well as over other areas. It is something that can accomplish amazing things. For example, music can be used to unlock forgotten memory in geriatric patients. By listening to and singing music from early in their life on a regular basis, it can help them to recall memories from their life and to improve or prevent deterioration of their memory. Music can also help someone to improve a gait (movement) problem. By listening to rhythmically strong music while trying to walk, it can help to cue them to take steps and eventually to return their walking to a normal (or as normal as possible) gait....
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