Music Therapy Notes2 - T he Dying Process Each person...

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The Dying Process Each person approaches death in their own way, bringing to this last experience their own uniqueness The Common Dying Process 1. One to Three Months a. Withdrawal from the world and people b. Decreased food intake c. Increase in sleep d. Going inside of self e. Less communication 2. One to Two Weeks a. Psychological Changes- i. Disorientation ii. Agitation iii. Talking with the unseen iv. Confusion v. Picking at clothes or personally attached items b. Physical Changes- i. Deceasing blood pressure ii. Pulse increase or decrease iii. Skin color changes: pale, bluish iv. Respiration irregularities v. Congestion vi. Sleeping but responding vii.Complaints of body tired and heavy viii. Not eating, taking little fluids ix. Body temperature hot/cold 3. Days or Hours a. Intensification of one to two week signs b. Surge of energy c. Decrease in blood pressure d. Eyes glassy, tearing, half open e. Irregular Breathing, Stop/start f. Restlessness or no activity g. Purplish knees, feet, hands, blotchy h. Pulse weak and hard output
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i. May wet or stool the bed
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Music Therapy Notes2 - T he Dying Process Each person...

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