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M.T. in Educational Settings -Direct Services provided by music therapists -Difference between Music Education and Music Therapy: Music education is learning about music and its theory and playing but music therapy is using music for non-musical goals. A. Teaching the inclusive music education class: a. Mainstreamed regular music class b. Music instruction based c. Teach basic musical concepts and various musical tasks B. Teaching the self-contained music class: a. Music class designed especially to meet the instructional needs of students with particular disabilities b. Clinical music therapy based c. Specially designed teaching methods C. M.T. as a related service: a. Music Therapist is an IEP committee for individual student with disability b. Music therapist as a consultant M.T. can be used as: 1) A tool for teaching or rehearsing specific academic tasks (i.e. a mnemonic device to aid memory) 2) A reinforcer for desired academic behaviors appropriate behavior and completion of academic tasks can be rewarded through student-preferred music activities
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