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Wall Street Journal Exercise (Example)

Wall Street Journal Exercise (Example) - Rachel Riddle IB...

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Rachel Riddle IB 210 Wall Street Journal 2 Monday & Wednesday 2:30-3:45 “Phillip Morris Readies Global Tobacco Blitz” Phillip Morris International is expected to split from Phillip Morris USA as long as the Altria board approves it. This would mean that Phillip Morris International would not be bound to the United States regulations or any country’s regulations. This poses ethical complications because Phillip Morris has a reputation for not caring about the effects of their product, just getting their product sold. Phillip Morris International has been working on some new products that have been adapted for specific countries. Phillip Morris International has been finding the niche market of the smokers who have been pushed out of most other areas by non smoking bans. For this they have created a shorter equally potent cigarette for those who only have time for a few puffs. They are really working on innovative strategies to break even further into the markets of Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia and especially China.
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