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tdr3 - (3 How did the team work together(phone text email...

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TEAM DISCUSSION REPORT #3 GROUP NUMBER: (1) Report on individual preparation. Indicate N = Not attempted, A = attempted but not correct, C = confident correct, and U = unsure if correct. PROBLEM 2bc (p.40) 3 (p.41) 7 (p.41) 8 (p.41) 11 (p.42) 13a (p.42) 19 (p.42) 2a (p.54) 3a (p.54) 4 (p.54) 5 (p.54) 8 (p.55) 12 (p.55) 13 (p.55) 14 (p.55) (2) Amount of time team spent working together outside of class.
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Unformatted text preview: (3) How did the team work together (phone, text, email, facebook, face-to-face meeting etc.) (4) Other people team members consulted for this assignment. (5) List topics and problems discussed during this meeting. (6) What important questions remain unanswered. 1...
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