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Homework Assignment 2 - MAC 3473 - Spring 2009 NAME: DUE : Friday, March 6 at the beginning of class. NOTE: The assignment will be checked for completeness, but only a subset of the problems will be graded. Instructions : Write in complete sentences using mathematical symbols where appropriate. Please write on ONE side of the paper. Your reasoning should be clear. Write in such a way that the average student in the class can follow
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Unformatted text preview: your work. • It is OK for you to discuss this homework assignment with anyone, but you must acknowledge any assistance. It is NOT OK to copy anyone else’s work and it is NOT OK to copy from a book. Complete : On this assignment I obtained assistance from (Write “no one” if appropriate) Date: Signed: Problems: (1) #67, p.685 (2) #69, p.686 (3) #70, p.687 (4) #71, p.687 1...
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