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Finding 300 Digit Primes > ## ## rand() returns a random 12 digit integer ## v() returns a random 300 digit integer ## findprime() tries to find a 300 digit prime ## v:=proc() local x,j,z: x:=0: for j from 0 to 24 do z:=rand(): x:=x+z*10^(12*j): od: RETURN(x): end: findprime:=proc() local c,found,b: c:=0: found:=0: b:=v(): while found=0 do if isprime(b) then found:=1: RETURN(b): else c:=c+1: print(c); b:=v(): fi: od: end: > n:=v(); n 373282317168049657140891839025845299334488972809678889514259486897241121380\ := 815880602158984795402283929135411522647038631884911717092157781650667471523608\
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Unformatted text preview: 259875847593084226429749873768285488938286414917752182334245029630812197555292\ 871569833007828194010447912516793709961848657054478696225678109392303 > evalf(log(n)/log(10)); 299.5720374 This n is a random 300 digit integer. On the next line press enter to find a 300 digit prime. How many trials did it take? > p:=findprime(); > > > > EXERCISE (5 points) Edit the function v (above) to return an random 600 digit integer. Reenter the findprime function to find a random 600 digit prime (assuming that MAPLE's isprim e function works). How many trials did it take? > p:=findprime();...
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