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Name: Page 1 of 7 Instructions: --Write your name on all the pages --Make sure that all 7 pages are attached. --The math needed to solve a problem should be relatively simple. If not please give your answer by showing how you would make the calculation: e.g., showing "(10+10)/4" is as good an answer as "5" (writing down an appropriate equation and clearly defining the variables, as well as indicating their values, if known, will also suffice). GENERAL ECOLOGY PCB 4044 FALL 1999 MIDTERM I PAGE POINTS POSSIBLE SCORE 2 25 _____ 3 14 _____ 4 18 _____ 5 14 _____ 6 12 _____ 7 17 _____ _____ _________ TOTAL 100 _____
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Page 2 of 7 1. (6 points) The instantaneous growth rate ( r ) of a human population on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean is 0.05 / year. The current population size is 1,100. If the conditions remain constant, and r=0.05 / year, how long will it take before the population has increased to 3,000? 2. (9 points) You’re completing the analyses for one of your lab reports. You do a statistical test and report “ P =0.03”. What does this mean? 3. (10 points) In the optimal foraging lab, we found that the foraging strategy of a predator that maximizes its foraging gain (E/T) is affected by the prey density and distribution. Consider the three prey species below (which occur in the same habitat and are the only prey eaten by the predator). At low prey density, the predator eats all three prey types. Explain how the predator's foraging strategy (and diet) will change as the abundance all prey types is increased proportionately (e.g., doubled, tripled, quadrupled). Prey Type
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midterm1-f99 - Name: Page 1 of 7 Instructions: -Write your...

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