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Unformatted text preview: Name: Page 1 of 7 Exam instructions: --Write your name on all the pages --Make sure that all 7 pages are attached. --You may not use calculators or other electronic aids. The math needed to solve a problem should be relatively simple. If you can't do the math, just show what needs to be calculated (e.g., "answer = 0.5 x .3") --If you get hung up on a problem, skip it; return to it after you’ve answered the “easy” problems. INTRODUCTORY ECOLOGY AND GENERAL ECOLOGY PCB 3034/4044 Spring 2008 EXAM I PAGE POINTS POSSIBLE SCORE 2 20 _____ 3 20 _____ 4 18 _____ 5 20 _____ 6 12 _____ 7 10 _____ TOTAL 100 _____ Name: Page 2 of 7 The following short answer questions are worth 2 points each. 2-1. Large, convective atmospheric circulation patterns at 0-30 N and 0-30 S are called ___________ __________. 2-2. The spectral quality of solar energy coming into the atmosphere is dominated by ___________________radiation. In contrast, the energy re-radiating out from the planet is dominated by _______________ radiation. 2-3. Name the four very common elements that make up most of the life on this planet: __________, __________, ___________, __________. 2-4. About ____% of solar energy directed at Earth is reflected back into space....
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Midterm1-Spring2008 - Name Page 1 of 7 Exam...

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