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STA 6166 Project 1 Hints/Notes To Obtain Random Sample in EXCEL for Part 1: o Click on Data Analysis (Under Tools for 2003, Data for 2007) o Choose Random Number Generation o Enter 1 for Number of Variables o Enter 4177 for Number of Random Numbers o Select Uniform for Distribution o Choose 0 and 1 for Parameters o Enter your Random Seed o Click on Output Range , put cursor in Dialog Box and enter the cell location (if, say your data are in columns A-J, enter K2 ) o Sort data based on that column
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Unformatted text preview: • For Power calculations: o Determine critical value for rejection Region for Y-bar ( 29 -≤ = = -≤ ⇒-≤-= n N y CV y P CV n y n y σ , 15 ~ GIVEN * Power * 645 . 1 645 . 1 z if H Reject obs • For Part 2, see Examples 3.4-5 for SAS and R Code for similar type problems on APPLIED STATISTICAL METHODS webpage...
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