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9Value Chain of Coal - Long term view of Japanese...

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Value Chain of Coal: - New giants of Coal: China Coal, Coal of India, SUEK (Russia) - New Coal technology: CTL (coal to liquid) - 45% increase in energy demand in 25 years, that had never been seen in the history - If you add all CO2 emitting energy and work out ratio of fossil fuel energy in 25 years, 80% will still be carbon intensive. - Oil demand will increase 20% in 25 years - Gas demand will increase 45% in 25 years, or maybe more after Fokoshima - Coal demand will increase 60% if no more policies for environment (climate friendly) - Nuclear demand will increase 50% - After the incident of Fokishima, nuclear will decrease and Gas will cover up for it and also for coal for less climate pollution. - Coal is the industrial factor
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Unformatted text preview: - Long term view of Japanese government: o Coal is the largest energy source consumption in the 21 st century o Oil is second o Hydro & nuclear are minor but essential o Major demand growth o CO2 emitting o Renewable are not going to kick in until 2040. There will be a point where renewable will be self sustainable- China is the one pushing for the incremental growth rate of Oil- In terms of Oil, there is a change of oil demand from before 2001 to after 2001 (excluding China)- In Gas, there is an increased demand by OECD countries trying to shift from coal to environment clean.- China had negative demand of coal till 2001, then suddenly increased by 2001 towards a coal century...
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9Value Chain of Coal - Long term view of Japanese...

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